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Are you planning to purchase your new or second home?
The listed properties are a selection of legal properties in urban areas or registered properties in non fully urban areas.
For final verification, we collaborate with bilingual property law experts to proof the legal situation.


Are you planning to build your new house or holiday home?
We will help you to find the right building plot and we will support you in the purchase process.
Would you like to build an eco-friendly house and design it according to your needs and wishes? If desired, we assist you with the creation of a floor plan of your dream home by an on-site architect.
With a floor plan we provide you an estimate of the costs for a highly energy efficient building, made with modern materials of German standard.

Benefits of energy efficient building

  • Fast and effective construction with building blocks made of Neopor - provided by BASF / Germany
  • High energy efficiency through insulating baseplates, walls and roofs
  • Protection from humidity, heat and coldness
  • Healthy and comfortable indoor climate (no pollutants, toxins, emissions)
  • Higher Safety in case of fire & earthquake


We offer professional advisory in 3 languages (English, Spanish, German) and we collaborate with selected real estate agents to find the right property for you.
We support you in application of the N.I.E. number (Foreign Identification Number), in opening a Spanish bank account, in registration in Tax Offices, in local Registry Offices and in changing contract with electricity provider etc.
And if you decide one day to rent out your property on short term to tourists, we do the registration in the Andalusian Tourism Authority for you.
Furthermore, we change foreign registered vehicles to Spanish Number Plates.